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UOM-JC students who would like to join the Junior College Seismic Monitoring group (JCSMG) are invited to fill in the online application form. 

JCSMG Application Form 2015-2017 (for UOM-JC students)

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A 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Recorded (Update: 2 nd March 2016) 


A 7.8 magnitude earthquake was recorded at our station today at 13:01. The earthquake occurred at 12:49 southwest of Sumatra, Indonesia very close to the subduction zone in this area where the Australia/India plate is subducting under the Sunda Plate. The earthquake was not very deep, just 24km, and it was a result of strike-slip fault.



A Number of Earthquakes Recorded (Update: 25 th February 2016) 


A number of earthquakes close to our islands were recorded between November of last year and February of this year including the one felt by most people on the 13th of January. In the light of these events we are going to organise a meeting where the nature of the lithosphere underneath our islands and the process leading to the formation of our islands is going to be discussed. 


A 4.7 Magnitude Earthquake Recorded (Update: 8 th February 2016) 

An earthquake having its epicentre in Southern Sicily very close to Ragusa measuring a magnitude of 4.7 was recorded at our station today at 16:37 local time. It occurred just 5km below the surface but no damages have been reported so far.



A 4.4 Magnitude Earthquake Recorded (Update: 13 th January 2016) 

A 4.4 magnitude earthquake recorded at the Junior College seismic station at 18:02 local time. If you felt the earthquake, describe you experience and comment. 


A 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake Recorded (Update: 7 th December 2015) 


A 7.2 magnitude earthquake having its epicentre in Tajikistan is being recorded right now at the JC seismic monitoring station. More on Facebook



Presentation (Update: 8 th December 2015) 

Refer to our Facebook page.



The Largest Earthquake Ever Recorded in the Mediterranean Region (Update: 17th November 2015)

Today we have recorded the largest earthquake ever recorded in the Mediterranean region from when we have installed our seismometer at the Junior College. It was a 6.5 magnitude earthquake having its epicentre near the Greek coast. It was so large that from 570km away the signal was larger then the instrument can handle (notice the clipping). The earthquake was felt even in Malta. By the way notice that the Seismic corner is now ready together with a poster explaining the basic ideas regarding earthquakes and interesting information about our region.


Seismic Corner (Update: 1st November 2015) 

Our seismic corner is  ready. The upper monitor shows the realtime data being recorded while the bottom monitor shows the reports regarding seismic events recorded at our station. Signs explaining the basics of seismology and how to recognise earthquakes being recorded in realtime have been also installed. The project started in 2011. This is the result of a collaboration between our Physics Department, the Junior College administration, the department of Geosciences and Physics within the Faculty of Science at the University of Malta through the Seismic Monitoring and Research Group and the Junior College IT team.  








Masterclasses in Particle Physics

Click here for the poster and click on the headline for the programme.

Timetables 2017-2018

Attention Advanced and Intermediate Level students. Click here to view your timetables.

CERN 2017
'Cern 2017' organised by the JC Physics Department: The participating students tell us about the unforgettable experience. Click here.
Does God really play dice?
We are proud to welcome our guest Prof. em. Urbaan M. Titulaer who will give three talks, one for the public, one for academic staff and university students and another one for Junior College students.

Click here to view the poster. Friday 24th February 2017 at 5.00 p.m. to Saturday 25th February 2017 at 5.00 p.m. Applications available from D116 as from 14th February 2017.


A lecture by the Institute of Space Sciences and Astronomy (ISSA) at the Junior College.

Click here.

The first STARGAZER Astronomy Group Activity for 2016/2017. Click here for more information.
CERN Virtual Tour 2016

This is an extraordinary event linking the Junior College with CERN, interacting with scientists at CERN and in Malta. (Limited Places). Click here to view poster.

Educational Videos
Mr. Carmel G. Azzopardi, a member of our department, has prepared educational videos explaining experiments which are highlighted in the MATSEC syllabus. Click here to access this valuable resource.
Our Guidelines for Prospective A-Level students
Are you thinking about joining our Advanced Level course. Click here and think before you leap.
Professor Jim Al-Khalili at Junior College Physics Department
Famous physicist and author for staff-development programme. Click here to view the article.

Junior College Students in Rome
A group of 25 Junior College students recently travelled to Rome, accompanied by a number of lecturers from the Department of Physics who organized the event. Click here to find out more.
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