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Counselling Services

The Junior College Guidance and Counselling Services aim at helping students in various ways, to make the most of their Junior College experience.

Students at the Junior College are offered the services of qualified counsellors in three main areas:

a) Personal Counselling to help students find their own way to manage their difficulties and problems and to find out who they really are or want to be. Day seminars are held to help students get to know each other, develop a positive self-image and learn to form, keep, and sometimes end, relationships.

b) Educational Guidance and Counselling to help students choose the course of studies that will lead them to decide what they want to do in life. During this course, through seminars and individual counselling, students are helped to improve their study habits, prepare themselves for exams, and manage time and stress.

c) Vocational Guidance to help students orientate themselves to a future career by means of vocational interest questionnaires, orientation talks by specialised guest speakers, and visits to various places of work.

The Guidance and Counselling Services provide time and space for students to explore any concerns in a strictly confidential and non-judgmental setting, with a view to helping them establish priorities, make decisions, set goals, and find solutions for their difficulties.

Although the counselling services are open to students attending the Junior College, parents may also use them when they feel the need to do so.


Mr Joshua Aquilina

Tel: 2590 7423

Mrs Fleur Mifsud Bons

Tel: 2590 7291









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